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5 Presentation Aids to Make Presentation Stand Out

Presentation Aids to Make Presentation Stand Out

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Powerful presentation aids are often overlooked but integral to delivering a successful presentation. Many people shy away from creating visual slides because it is too much work or takes time away from focusing on the content.

When creating slides, it is vital to use presentation aids and techniques to ensure your audience understands and engages with what you tell them. It is essential to have the perfect introduction to hook immediately and engage the audience.

Today, more and more people give presentations to large and small audiences. Part of the fear many have when presenting is that they worry about being boring or embarrassing themselves. 

This article will introduce five presentation aids that can help make your presentation stand out from the rest.

What are presentation aids?

While your presentation will be your opportunity to share your ideas with the audience, you’ll want it to be memorable. Presentation aids are tools that can help you achieve this goal. Depending on the type of presentation, there are some simple ways to enhance the experience for your audience.

For instance, you can use colour-coding to help organize your presentation. You can also use shapes, graphics, and illustrations to help break up the information. Furthermore, presentation aids can help your audience follow the flow of your presentation.

Why use Presentation aids.

Companies have been using presentation aids for centuries, from the bar graphs of William Playfair presenting the first real estate market analysis in 1786 to the briefcase given to George Washington by his mother that contained a copy of the Constitution and which he used to campaign for President in 179. History has shown that it’s always been important to picture things visually.

With the help of these aids, you can engage the audience, create memorable lessons, and distinguish yourself from other presentations. There are many different types of aids available to use, each with its benefits. The kind of aid you choose depends on what you present and how much time you have.

5 Best Presentation Aids to make presentations stand out.

Do you need to produce an eye-catching presentation? This list contains eight presentation aids to help you focus on your core points and deliver an engaging and stand-out speech.

1. Animation

Presentation Aids - Animations

Using animation in your presentation can help to make it more lively, engaging, and entertaining. It can even help to get you noticed. Powerful visuals are essential when presenting an idea. It is vital to invest in high-quality visuals to make your presentation stand out.

As a presenter, you have the opportunity to create your message the way you want it. There are many options for how you can go about this. If you’re not feeling too creative, there are plenty of templates out there that can make your job easier!

You can also find many free resources online to help you generate ideas from the very beginning. An excellent tool to use is the mind mapping software called Mindjet. You can use this software to create mind maps and develop several different visual ideas for your presentation.

2. Graphs and Charts

Presentation Aids - Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts are some of the most effective ways to display data in a way that is easy to understand. Whether you are presenting information for work or school, graphs are a great way to convey information. 

For example, if you want to show the cost of goods on different products, you can create a bar graph or pie chart. You make it quick and easy for the person viewing your presentation to understand and visualize.

Stats can be super boring, but they can tell a story when you let them speak for themselves. When visualizing data on a graph or chart, it is essential to use colours and shapes that are intuitive and clear. Even if you’re presenting to familiar people with your topic, their eyes will be drawn to your graphs and charts as they help them follow what you’re saying.

The following are three presentation aids to make your presentation stand out. 

1) Use handouts that are easy to read, with essential information on the front page. 

2) The handouts should also include a list of key points you want them to remember – this makes for a great take-away. 

3) Make sure you have visuals that help convey your message – graphs and charts can be incredibly effective.

3. Colour-coding

With presentations being the primary tool for persuading audiences, many people are becoming more creative in using visual aids to stand out. The best way to stand out in a presentation is to match the colours of your slides to the colour scheme you’re using for your presentation. This will ensure that the audience can quickly focus on the information you are presenting, making your slides more visually appealing. 

There are many ways to attach colours to text, shapes, and other graphics in a slide with PowerPoint. Some presentations will even have entire slides with just one object coloured to highlight them.

4. Handouts

Presentation Aids - Handouts

Do you want your presentation to be memorable and effective? Here are three handouts that can help you do just that.

– A colourful infographic that summarizes your key points will engage and motivate your audience.

– Powerpoint templates provide a visual option for presenting on a laptop or tablet and can be used as handouts for those in attendance.

– Handouts with helpful post-presentation resources for attendees will create an interactive experience and reinforce your message. – Attach a note to your presentation for those who can’t attend, and you’ll also remind them of the presentation’s key points.

5. Video clips

Presentation Aids - Video clips

No matter the occasion, presentation aids are always a good choice for making your presentation stand out. A slideshow is a great way to set the mood for your audience, and it’s also an easy way to get through information without being too wordy.

You can use clipart to make your slides more visually appealing, and there are even programs that let you put in text overlays on top of them. A video clip will complement your presentation and reinforce the message you’re trying to get across.

Top 5 Tools to create fantastic presentation Slides

There is a whole world of professional presentation aids out there to help you create a memorable and practical experience for your audience. There will be no bland slides to bore your audience with these resources. The five best tools to use when creating presentation slides are 


Canva makes it simple for users to liven up presentations with user-friendly, predesigned presentation templates. It offers predesigned templates that are generally incredibly straightforward to customize to meet your specific objectives. Plus, the software is compatible with several applications.


Keynote makes it easy to produce appealing and professional presentations, and it comes installed with all Apple devices. It uses simple drag-and-drop features, visual tools, interactive charts, and other user-friendly options. It is a popular choice among sales and marketing professionals.


PowerPoint has remained the premier presentation software for many years, but it doesn’t remain static. It is filled with features that you can add to your sales and marketing presentations to make them more energetic and engaging.


If you’re looking for an online presentation maker feature that lets you experience productive presentations, you’ll discover that Visme’s got you covered. It comes with an assortment of customization options, including slides, text blocks, icons, pictures, data viz tools, and more.


SlideShare is an easy-to-use presentation tool. It enables you to create slides and presentations quickly. You can create slides in minutes and add video and still images to your presentation. Links and embed external content can be added easily. You can use the advanced features of PowerPoint to add animations and transitions.

The great thing about SlideShare is that it has an already established audience. Because of this, it is straightforward to share your content with a large audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of visual aids?

Examples of visual aids include PowerPoint, Banners, Posters, Charts, Graphs, and handouts. However, it’s important to remember that the presentation’s content is the most crucial aspect to your audience. Therefore, you should use visual aids that support, complement, and further your message.

What is the ideal visual aid?

The ideal visual aid is a slide or presentation that contains a large amount of information and is easy to read. It should be colourful and engaging, with clear sections and bullet points.

Is a PowerPoint a visual aid?

Yes, a PowerPoint is a visual aid. It can be used to present information in a more interesting and engaging way. Presenters should utilize these tools to ensure that they are engaging the audience.

What are visual aids in a presentation?

Presentation aids can help enhance a presentation. They allow the presenter more opportunity to engage with audiences during a talk. Tools such as visual aids, charts, and graphs can help illustrate ideas more successfully. 

How do presentation aids help to reduce apprehension?

Presentation aids can help reduce apprehension in a variety of ways. One way is by using a PowerPoint presentation which makes the content more accessible and engaging for the audience. Another way is by using a speaker’s notes, which can be used to reduce anxiety and make sure that they don’t forget what they want to say.

How do visual aids work?

Visual aids can be any object that helps a person to better understand the speaker. For example, a visual aid could be a chart or graph, a diagram, an illustration, or even a prop. They can be as simple as a diagram or as complex as an interactive computer program.


In conclusion, presentation aids such as handouts, visuals, and media can be used to enhance a speaker’s presentation. In conclusion, these presentation aids will help to make presentations stand out. Presentation aids are not all about making any old presentation look good, but they also help to engage the audience.

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